Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fight Boredom with Comics, Mini-Zines and Brutal Honesty!

More new zines, originally uploaded by absolutelyabsurd.

Regeneration #7
I think that Ashlee is probably one of the bravest zinesters out there. Every one of her zines is brutally honest, but this one may be the most brutal yet. It's about walking the fine line between alcohol abuse and addiction. The story begins at age twelve, when Ashlee takes her first drink, and then we find her in her mid-twenties, partying day and night to the point of blackouts and injury and finally an arrest for drunk driving. She makes no excuses for being a party girl, though this zine could almost be read as cautionary tale.

Girl Name
A dialogue on transgender rights, feminism and gender-neutral bathrooms, written in comic form. Good stuff. I picked it up through Secret People Distro.

Un billet pour Paris
In this French-language perzine, Quebec City's Andreanne writes about traveling to Paris at eighteen years old; her first trip away from home. It seems like someone always wants to ruin her day - from the cousin who refuses to acknowledge her presence, to a friend who decides he's too hungry to look at art immediately upon entering the Louvre, to the masses of creeps who honk horns and yell at her during a morning walk. But in the end, she managed to explore the city and admire its beauties. This quarter-size zine is typewritten and handwritten with cutsie illustrations and clippings throughout. As a sidenote, is Paris the capital of creepy dudes or what? When a friend and I visited a few years ago, strange men literally followed us down the street, gawked at us through restaurant windows while we ate, and asked us to accompany them to their hotel rooms.

Stick #1-#4
The above zinester also makes mini-zines! Some are black and white, some are full-colour and each includes illustrations mixed with a cut-and-paste layout, lists, quotes, recipes and other fun stuff. Absolutely adorable! (Note: These ones are written in English).

Watch Him Bleed #3 / Licking Stars Off Ceilings #15 /
It's always nice to find something from Ivana in my mailbox. In this issue of Watch Him Bleed, she writes about her childhood in the Former Yugoslavia (um, one line in particular made me tear up a bit), her current life in Sydney, Australia and her concept of home. She's an angry punk girl who makes no excuses for getting drunk and breaking hearts and writing all about it. In the other half of the split, Clementine Cannibal takes over with the fifteenth issue of her perzine, Licking Stars Off Ceilings. This time around, we find that she has fallen in love (aww!), but that doesn't mean that she's gonna quiet down. Readers of previous issues will know that she often wrote explicitly about no-strings-attached sex and seemed to place a lot of value in what other men thought of her. While the sex is still present, it seems like she has finally taken stock of her life, decided what's important to her (love, health, grrrls around the world) and will fight to hang on to it.

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