Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear August, I'm Having a Nice Time

lying in the grass, guelph

The above photo was taken in Guelph by Dave Cave and he wrote about our adventures here.

I haven't updated in ages. I want to. But I think I'd rather just cut the legs and sleeves off all my clothes and lie in the grass and read French books and dance at shows and wander the city 'til dawn.

I'm in the midst of creating a website that will be the new home to both Fight Boredom Distro and my blog. Shall unleash it to the world in the next week or so. And I've got stacks of zines to review, and a bunch of new titles to add to the distro catalogue as well. Patience, my friends.

Don't forget to come to the Queer Between The Covers bookfair this Saturday, Montreal. I'll be tabling, along with many other fine people.

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My name's lame. said...

hey, weird comment, but i'm going to montreal this sunday and i'll be there for 4 days. the only thing i have planned out is this one show i'm going to...

i asked people on flickr if anybody lives there/knows anything fun to do and i was directed to your blogspot.

so, if you get this before the 18th... email me, i really don't know anything about montreal.

also, my name is Kerri and i'm going to read your blog now because all this zine talk seems awesome!